Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally! Oh how I've missed you blog of mine. I'm so sorry I've been away. These past five months have been so incredibly busy that I haven't had the time or the energy to post anything. Oh what many things we've done! January and February saw us rebuilding our rental out back. On our property there are two homes, ours and a smaller "Cottage" behind ours. My mother lived there for about a year but decided to move. So before we found new renters, we wanted to, and did, rebuild the inside. New flooring, new walls, new kitchen. What a great experience, learning how to take out old flooring and how to replace drywall. The kids were an amazing help. So was our community. Everyone pitched in to help us rebuild the old place. And guess what? We got some amazing renters in! With all the rebuilding, we were worked to the bone, so the kids and I took a day trip up to Seattle on the train. We visited the Experience Music Project and walked all around downtown. The kids even got to play in their own band, repeatedly, much to their enjoyment. In the middle of February, we welcomed 58 baby chicks into our library, as it was too cold (and our garage too full) for them to be outside. We got 25 Buff Orphingtons, 25 New Hampshire reds and a few odds and ends. We're planning on having them butchered to feed our bodies and souls sometime in July. We also raised 4 black Indian runner ducks that we'll keep for egg layers. In the brooders right now we've got 15 ducks - 5 Pekins, 5 Rouens and 6 randoms (I believe at least one is a Sweedish). As Calvin the goose has been harassing Gretchen the duck too much, we decided to raise a few geese as well. We just named them the other day: Barack and Michelle Obama, Rosie the Riveter, Tokyo Rose and Big Bird. They are so darn adorable! And you wouldn't believe how much they poo. In addition to the geese and ducks, we're also brooding a few bantams, silkies, turkeys and a Jersey Giant (being raised with the bantams). Needless to say that our library stinks right now, no matter how often I clean out the brooders! One of our doe rabbits just had babies a few days ago, 8 healthy, beautiful babies. I know we're going to eat them when they get bigger but it's really hard not to fall in love with them, they're just adorable. This spring has been full of love and adventure; I'm glad I'm finally able to share it here on my blog! Happy Spring!