Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tidings from around the Homestead

This Thursday is Thanksgiving. As usual, this holiday means a ton of work for me and mine. We'll probably abandon any premise of schooling this week and focus on our preparations and meditate on traditions. This year Thanksgiving means something more then the usual feast. This year, we actually worked for this day. This year, everything that will grace our table has been cared for, grown and harvested by us on our land. Aside from a few ingredients including and not limited to Bob's Red Mill organic flour, sea salt harvested in California and butter churned by the Rogue Creamery, each ingredient - vegetable, herb or flesh - has seen our administrations.
In addition to our joy concerning the menu, I'm pleased to report that Gretchen is doing just fine, now out back with her flock. It took about a week for Gretchen to become fully mobile again and the last test of her strength was a float in the tub. She did swimmingly! Jason also had a dentist appointment this week and although I try to never post such mundane things as dentist and doctor appointments (like trips to the store... necessary and completely boring), I couldn't help but post this photo. What pimp shit!
Yesterday, Saturday November 20th, we had butchered (by Harrington's in Boring) one turkey, 6 quail and one pheasant. The size difference between Limpy the turk and this tiny quail was spectacular. I wanted to butcher Limpy myself but was left in the dark when Nik told me that he wouldn't help me in my ventures. I've read so much about how to process a bird and I really wish I'd stuck to my guns and done it myself. Either way, she'll provide a wonderful meal for my family and I'm extremely thankful for her. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On how big massive is...

Until recently I was under the belief that my 85 lb. love, Wyatt, was a big dog. I now know that to be a little less then the truth. I'd like to share some photos exhibiting DaVinci's massive size. Is he a lion? A bear? Oh no, he's our new dog.
And yes, our home is this messy. We work outside a lot folks! Do you know how hard it is to clean up after a million kids and animals?!?!?!!? Okay then!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Moon Kitchen... or the Animal Hospital

What a day! When the kids and I went out to feed the ducks this morning, we noticed that Gretchen was unable to walk. After inspecting her, we couldn't find the reason for her disability. She's just unable to walk. Her little webbed feet push on my arm when I hold her and there are no signs of a raccoon attack. Needless to say I'm driven crazy with worry. So into the kitchen, ummm, I mean to our Animal Hospital she goes. She's been eating really well and drinking and quacking up a storm, but no solo traveling for our beloved Gretchen yet.
Sharing her space is an unlikely roommate. D.O.G. came to us yesterday. D.O.G. (name soon to be changed to DaVinci) is a 150lb Newfoundland/Burmese Mountain dog mix. He came covered in dreaded mats. In some areas the mats were 9 inches thick. He sat still for over 4 hours yesterday as I carefully cut the majority of them off of him. Near his rear the mats were so thick that he was unable to move his tail completely as his tail was matted to his bottom. Despite this painful condition, he's been nothing but a complete gentleman and wonderful companion. I am just stunned that he'd let me, a complete stranger, handle and groom him with the utmost patience. He's really a peaceful soul. Although he's spent most every night of his life outside, this evening he hung out with me while I made dinner and administered to Gretchen. He spent the time as pictured here, at my feet. He eventually got comfortable enough to stay still and let me walk around him, instead of him trying to follow me everywhere. He's so big that when he ambled around the kitchen, his wagging tail knocked down a glass on the counter and caused the bowl of apples to wobble dangerously on the table. Can't wait to see what this next week brings!