Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summer 2013

 It's been months since I checked in and posted anything, which is why today I'll be posting lots of wonderful photos! Lets see, our summer was full of animals, kids, Mohawks and camping trips, farmers markets and parties. Our house was full all summer long with kids and animals and various adults, much to the annoyance of our neighbors, I'm sure. My dad passed at the beginning of June, which has clouded our recent experiences. His service was stunning and he's greatly missed.
Stella lost a tooth and wrote an adorable note to Nik and I, as the Tooth Fairy, explaining that we've already given her more then the world and that she appreciates our efforts. Seriously a tearful parent moment!!! I, of course, cannot let this one last childhood myth die and I denied the lie, protesting that the Tooth Fairy still breathes.

My Godchildren Lilly, Leroy and Libby came to stay with us a few times during the summer and we enjoyed them immensely. They're so wonderful and beautiful and I'm so lucky that I get to love and cherish these children and they're not even mine! I get all the good stuff with them and I really only give a little bit in return. Josh and Jason, especially, are totally in love with 4 year old Leroy. He's like a little brother to them, but better, because they never get annoyed or irritated with him. And Lilly, 10, is Stella's best friend and almost sister. She's a wonderful helper and sweet spirited playmate. Libby, 3, is hilarious and is the household comedian. They were such a joy to have around this summer!

I was invited to work for the Pearl Bakery at the Portland Farmers Market again this summer and it was wonderful! I enjoyed working with one of my favorite people on the planet, Andrea. We spent our Sundays and Wednesdays laughing and selling bread and meeting excellent people and sweating. What a wonderful way to spend a summer!