Thursday, February 20, 2014


Wyatt, my best friend and beloved companion, died January 17. Although we loved and enjoyed him for over 7 years (he died at 14) I don't feel as if I had enough time with him. He had been noticeably slowing for at least a year and the last few weeks were tough on him. Three days before he passed, Stella's best friend and surrogate mother Nessa passed. Her passing was completely unexpected. She went out for an evening run and came home happy and relaxed. When we woke in the morning, she was no longer with us. These furry family members have enlightened us in such an intimate way. They taught us to love, taught us how to be a pack and left us with a deeper knowledge of the world.
2001 - 1/14/2014
2000 - 1/17/2014