Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scrap Candles

So I save everything. Even the ends of my candles. You know... the stubs at the bottom that never seem to burn up all the way. I save all the little wax ends in a little tin, up on one of my shelves. Sometimes I also pick up half burned candles that I find in free boxes while journey-ing around. Those too go up on the "reuse" shelf. Well, this morning before the kids got up, I reached up to put an emptied out milk container up on the "reuse" shelf and guess what happened? If you guessed that I knocked the wax tin right down on my head, you'd have guessed correct. Damn, that smarted!!! So in addition to changing out the lavender in my lavender oil jar that's sitting, stewing, on my kitchen window sill (the one and only facing south) I decided to throw in some candle making. And cleaning. Oh Lordy! The cleaning! The kids and I started by harvesting any wax we could find and then melted! Melted! Melted! We took some of the spent lavender from the stewing lavender oil jar and added them to a couple of the candles. Despite the fact that they've been cookin' for 7 days in the direct son, they still retain some of their awesome scent. By the time we were done, there was wax everywhere! Just look at these photos, the counter and stove were spotless when we started. Ohhhh, we're such piggies!

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