Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Hanukkah, Welcome Kwanzaa, Solstice Greetings, Merry Christmas and Yay Winter!

Greetings Y'all! What a busy month we've had! It seems like babies are poppin' out of our ears and we're having parties every night. They're not and we're not, but there sure is an abundance of both this holiday season! One of our dearest friends welcomed a baby boy December 22nd. Welcome Baby Jack!
Although it's been a little tough this time of year, keepin' our little world atop our shoulders, it's been worth it! We're in the process of planning a change in the pasture, expanding the garden plot and designing the rabbit coops. Nestled somewhere in that mess is Christmas. Despite the fact that we're so busy doing whatever it is that we do (homeschooling and homesteading and playing and practicing and and and) Christmas is almost made better because of all the work. This season has been just wonderful! I think it might be that we just thrive off chaos around here. The chickens are starting to lay again, which is always a wonderful sign for the coming year. Billy the kid has yet to "get it on" with Arwen and Maybelle, but he's at least warming up to the herd, or rather, the herd is warming up to him. And we're about to end one unit on Constructive Reuse and begin another on State Politics. Yay! I love the hope brought on by a new unit session. Love and Peace all!


  1. How is DOG adjusting to everything? I hope he's doing well.

  2. Doing great! He loved what Santa brought him this Christmas; huge cow leg bone, tons of treats, extra extra large Cong, doggy tooth brush and new heavy duty hairbrush. He's massivly spoiled!