Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden of Weedin'

Despite the July heat, the gardens' have just these last few weeks begun to flourish. Growing as things grow, within a week both the Spiral and Three Sister's gardens were overcome with weeds. Grasses and prickly things and spindly guys that try to pass themselves' off as vegetables. Four days labor and I'm really questioning why we've opted out of the Home Depot style of gardening and their indulgences on pesticides and weed killing chemicals.

Then while munching on some fresh kale, I look over at my beautiful partner, weeding the row next to mine and am reminded of just how blessed we are. Through the ache of straining knees and sun burned shoulders, I'm overjoyed. No matter how many gardens I've helped Mother Nature cultivate, each and every year I'm counted among the lucky few that find their peace playing in the dirt.

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