Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two ducks and a goose

Although Calvin and Gretchen were getting along famously, there seemed to be something missing. That something was young Mr. Cooper! Nik brought home Cooper just last week; he came from our favorite local organic farm store, Naomi's. I guess Coop didn't get on too well with some of Naomi's other creatures and they offered him to Nik when he was dropping off a couple dozen eggs.
Nik has brought me many wonderful things home. Pallets, rain barrels, flowers, a set of really cool golf clubs that he found on the side of the road, but I never imagined he'd ever bring home a living, breathing animal, let alone a duck. Before we found and moved into our current home, Nik hated animals. Nik and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary December 19 (he says the 18th but I'm positive it was the 19th), 2009. In all our time together, he'd never had anything to do with all the cats, dogs, turtles, rats, gerbils and goats I'd brought home to "rehabilitate".

What an amazing man my partner is! And how wonderful that we can grow and learn more about ourselves and our partners with every passing day. Cooper is a wonderful example of that. And he's much loved, within our home and our mini barnyard.

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