Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day, 2010

Wanda and Daily are doing great, though I was quite worried for awhile. You can tell they miss the companionship of their mother and although I'm a poor replacement for her, I've tried to give them extra cuddle time to soothe their transition.

They love to snuggle under my zip up sweatshirt, almost under my arm.

We decided they were healthy enough to meet Gretchen, we're hoping she will adopt them. Ducks are wonderful mothers and have been known to adopt other ducklings, chickens and even kittens. Here she is outside in the little duckie pen, eyeing them curiously. So far, she's not bit at them, though she has tried to ignore Wanda and Daily.

And this little bug in the tree is Jason. He's keeping an eye out on the duckies and the chicks, in a separate enclosure, to make sure no sneaky cat arms reach inside and snare some babe. Looks like he's lying down on the job!

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