Friday, April 30, 2010

Little baby duckies

As we're getting Stella ready for school today, it's the Jogathon today - can't miss that, I get a Facebook message from a lady that my partner and I have know for quite some years. She's asking me to call her mom at a school down the way as there's two baby ducks that need some care.

I called the school and long story short, Mrs. Wanda Daily, the schools amazing librarian and mother of one of our closest friends, asks us to take these two adorable, lost little duckies. It turns out they followed a child to school and lost their way. Part of me is glad that we can offer them a suitable home and that we're brooding other chicks right now so these little ducks can grow up as part of a chicken, turkey and duck family. Another part in me, a large part, feels just horrible knowing that there's most likely a duck mommy out there, missing two of her clutch, searching and worried.

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