Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Iggy Pop: Backyard Romeo

Iggy Pop, aptly named by Stella and Josh, came knocking on our door around 5 PM this evening. Turns out he's between gigs right now and wanted to come peruse our ladies.
Iggy was hanging out with Rick and Debbie down the street and was being, presumably, a little too noisy for neighbors and business. Debbie and Rick have an awesome set up right now, selling great heirloom vegetable and fruit starts on Fridays and Saturdays to the community. Although the love that Debbie, Rick and Iggy Pop shared was obvious as they said their goodbyes this evening, Iggy could no longer rule their coop. And, well, we really needed a roo! What kind of backyard menagerie are we running without a rooster???

When we brought Iggy back to the farm yard, Mr. Pop was immediately spotted and sized up by Jillby, who then escorted him all around the property and made the correct introductions. I don't know how much Iggy enjoyed the attention as he was soon headed for cover behind a tree where he assumed no one could spot him. Within an hour he was crowin' and struttin' with the rest of 'um. I think he'll be a great fit!

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