Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday June 5, 2010

Today being the first nice day in what seems like forever, we predictably spent it outside working. No matter how much we do, there's always more to be done. Even as I sit here, mostly focused on not making an ass out of myself on my blog, I'm also cataloging tomorrows' labors. Buy straw and Timothy hay grass, rake out the "barn", do the goats hoofs, trim Meanie's (one of the 9 week old chicks - she's a real meanie!) wings, make some more laundry soap, lay mulch around the fruit trees, set up the outside area for the Freedom Rangers, bla bla bla bla...
But sometimes when I'm outside under the sun and barefoot in the mud, the peace comes and it's all quiet up in here. Just my hands working the soil and my eyes watching a barnyard drama or coercing one of my children into offering their assistance. Beautiful.
Daily and Wanda, our two young elementary educated (they were found at a school down the way) duckies spent their first day hangin' with the big kids. Unfortunately, they were all running around so fast, I couldn't get an adequate picture. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought that Daily and Wanda were running away from Mrs. Quackers, Gretchen and Cooper. But every time Quackers, Gretchen and Coop would stop to gobble a morsel of grub, Wanda and Daily would turn around with a question in their eyes and wait patiently. Very entertaining!
And Iggy, oh Iggy. What a funny bird. His crow is actually quite quiet and demure in contrast with the other roosters I've had the pleasure of knowing. He enjoys testing out his voice whenever anyone new ventures into the yard. It seems that he may be a little unsure as to the mechanics of crowing as he actually clears his throat before a series of crows! He's the funniest little man I've ever met!
I also finished planting everything in the Spiral Garden. The Three Sisters' Garden has been done for some time though I believe the crows are actually eating all the seeds, so I'll have to think of something. The Spiral Garden took a little more time. I started a lot of the veggies in my home from seed and I ended up having more room then I expected in the Spiral Garden. So down the road we traveled, to Iggy's old home and The Recycled Gardeners themselves, Debbie and Rick Edlunds. As I've mentioned in a previous post, Debbie and Rick sell vegetable and fruit starts. In addition to selling us a wonderful variety of heirloom and not-so-heirloom starts, Debbie took us around their barn and introduced us to their folk. 72 laying hens, 2 large Nubian ladies, 3 Toulouse geese and two stunning Blue Merle Aussie's. Wow! And we got starts??!??!!? Now that's what I call a fruitful visit! Anyhow, back to the goods. The Spiral Garden now includes 16 tomato plants of which 12 varieties are identified, kale, squash, broccoli, 4 different kinds of lettuce, mesclun, 5 squashes, shelling peas and snap peas, spinach, tomatillos (anybody got any good recipes?), thyme, oregano, sweet basil, purple basil, 2 varieties of cabbage, cilantro, parsley, red onions, chives, sweet onions, sweet and hot peppers. I wonder if I've left anything out. And it's all crazy mixed! Nothing in rows or clustered. Each and every plant is placed according to it's size and light/water needs. This is my first garden that I didn't follow the rules with. Lets see how it works!

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