Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mrs. Quackers

Welcome Mrs. Quackers! Our newest family member comes to us from La Center Washington. Her flock mates were presumably eaten by a predator and she was unhappy alone. I went to pick her up after work on Saturday and spent a whole hour hanging out with her human "Dad". What an amazing farm she came from! 20 acres filled with a massive garden, mini donkeys and llamas, goats and sheep. What a great home to come from!
So far, Little Mrs. Quackers has been super happy and has bonded with our other new duck, Cooper. The two of them are both young and happy and I'd like to believe, in love. Within the duck/goose flock, Coop and Quack are especially bonded. It's funny to watch them when I refill their pools every morning because Gretchen and Calvin are the no nonsense, loving yet protective parent types and Cooper and Mrs. Quackers seem to emulate misbehaving youngsters.

Mrs. Quackers is a runner duck; she's really fun to watch running around after Cooper! She seems to shy away from human contact at this time, but maybe that will change with the seasons.

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