Monday, April 26, 2010

Fencing, firepits and rescue ducks

No matter how hard we work during the weekend, we always seem fall into bed on Sunday night, joyous and grateful. This weekend was no different; we fenced and tilled and raked and worked the soil and rebuilt the fire pit - it was too small - and worked until our backs ached and the sun was going down.

There was like, a million kids over this weekend. I think we had 8 spend the night and 10 during the day on Saturday. The only kid to offer his assistance to Nik was little 1 year old Leroy. Great job kid! You build a mean fire pit!

Much to my dismay, Nik even found time to mow the front yard. Oh how I dislike a mowed lawn! I mean, sure it's beautiful, but it does nothing to entice the goats to halt in their escape attempt if they ever fancy a trip off the property!

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