Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Spirit of the Blue Moon Urban Homestead

In addition to our lovely outdoor mini farm, we share our home with a few cuddlies.

This is Gael Garcia Bernal, so named after one of the most handsome and talented actors of our generation. As you can see, he takes after his namesake in appearance! Absolutely adorable!!!

This is Daniel. Daniel is 2 years old and the son of a stray we picked up for a little while. Daniel is extremely playful and only really enjoys the company of Joshua, Jason and Stella. Daniel got in a fight recently with another cat while we were away on vacation in Death Valley and needed surgery on his face for an abscess that formed. We're so glad he's okay!

This is Che Guevara. I'm sure you thought you knew that Che was killed years ago, as a revolutionary gorilla fighter in South America. It is not so! Well, he was killed but he was then born again into our little Che. Che is 6 years old and is my little sweet pea. Bernal is Che's brother and the two have a love hate relationship. He loves everyone and will randomly jump on people for some lovin. He especially loves cuddling with Stella Moon at bedtime.

Now these two little beasties are Simon and Theodore. They love sunflower seeds and being left alone, although they're starting to warm up to Stella because she insists on holding them everyday. They've never bitten anyone and give us nice bedding for our compost!

Now this inquisitive little fellow is Stubby. Stubby is so named because another little gerbil we gave home to, that has since become food for Slim, fought with everyone and ate Stubby's tail. Stubby is the friendliest gerbil here at Blue Moon Urban Homestead. This little guy is just down right adorable!

And here, the pièce de résistance... the love of my life (other then my partner Nik and our children, which of course is assumed), Wyatt. We adopted Wyatt awhile ago and he's become my constant companion ever since. He's an 8 or 9 year old yellow lab and he's the best dog ever!!!

Introducing... Slim Shady! Slim is, I believe, a 15 year old ball python. Slim came to us a couple of years ago when a friend of mine went to travel in South America for a year. We offered to foster her because I was deathly afraid of snakes and I correctly surmised that I'd soon get over my irrational fears if I had a lovable snake in my home. She's been family ever since! She's really the greatest snake you'll ever meet!

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