Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Laying Hens!

And this here is one of our first chickens. Her name is Ash and she's almost two years old. Ash is a bantam, though we're not sure what kind. She's most definitely a pet chicken. She does lay adorable, tiny white eggs; Ash is the absolute smallest of our chicken family. Holding her is the famous animal rights activist, and avid vegetarian, Ms. Stella Moon Vincent.

Classically bouffant is Auntie' Mame. She's a crested polish and boy is she boisterous! She bobs around in the chicken tractor with Pearl and Ash because, unfortunately, the full sized hens picked on her, literally. She and the bantams are wonderful pet chickens. Her eggs are small and white, though larger then the bantam's. Thank you again for you're modeling support, Ms. Stella Vincent!

We've come to Pearl! Along with Ash and Popeye, our beloved banty rooster that we had to rehome when we moved, Pearl came to us almost two years ago as a rescue chick. She's been the love our our lives ever since! She's extremely kind and beautiful. Anyone can hold her and pet her and she patiently accepts any and all adoration.

Introducing Roselia! Our third and final golden sex link, Jason and Joshua named her after one of their favorite Pokemon characters. And yes, she totally kicks butt!

Nineve here is a black australorp. Jasper is her sister and the two used to be inseparable. Since Nineve found the love of Ojos Negros, to be introduced soon, Nineve has eyes for no one else. Nineve lays beautiful brown eggs and for the most part, chooses to avoid everyone; goat, chicken and child alike.

Ojos Negros means black eyes in Spanish. Ojos has the most beautiful eyes; they look like they've been lined with black eye liner. She's a little standoffish and enjoys only the company of Nineve, though she lays the most beautiful blue/green eggs.

Ojos Negros' sister is Chippy, so named for her apparent resemblance to a chipmunk. The resemblance ends with her coloring, as she's a broody chicken through and through! Like her sister Ojos, Chippy lays beautiful blue/green eggs. Chippy and her sister Ojos Negros are mixed color ameraucanas.

Sasa is the second in command for our backyard flock. She's a robust Rhode Island red and she's an absolutely wonderful layer. As she was one of the first batch of laying chicken we brought home, she's quite patient and comfortable with Joshua, Jason and Stella's affections. Sasa is named for the children's Godmother, Sasa Austin. She lays really neat round, dark brown/almost red eggs.

Sasa's partner in crime, both in our backyard flock and as our human friends, is Aaron. Aaron is a New Hampshire red chicken. So named for Sasa's real life partner, Aaron Reick. Aaron kind of just goes along with the flock and is at peace in the summer sun and winter rain.

When not hanging out in the coop, or roosting on a branch, Hedwig is a famous actress. You may have seen her in any of the Harry Potter movies as she played Harry's snow white owl. Hedwig lays beautiful blue/green eggs as she's a white ameraucana.

Last, and surely not least, is miss Alder. Alder, like Willow, is a Plymouth barred rock. Alder and Willow were named after our friends Alder and Willow. Alder lays light brown, medium sized eggs.

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