Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pleased to meet you, Laying Hens

I'd like to introduce our hens, so that if you're every eating our eggs, you know from whence they come.

Seeing as you've already met Willow, now please meet her almost constant sidekick, Jillby. Jillby is a sweet, year old golden sex link. Her eggs are a wonderful brown in color with a few dark brown freckles.

Galadriel is a funny lady. She's a silver laced wyandotte and she loves to spend her time hanging out in the trees with her little gang of hens. Galady lays large light brown eggs and hasn't shown the least interest in her young and where they might go when we cart them away. Galadriel is one of Joshua's favorite hens.

And this graceful creature, not at all interested in posing for the camera, is Starbuck. In addition to being a totally kick ass pilot on the Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck enjoys spending her time in the trees with Galadriel. Starbuck does enjoy dive bombing the goats at seemingly random intervals, much to the dismay of Arwen who is each and every time, stupefied. Starbuck is a golden sex link and lays brown eggs with freckles.

Drum roll please... And here is the world famous Molly Ringwald! Molly takes time off from her various acting jobs to hang out in our hen house and lay beautiful, large, round, almost red eggs. She enjoys eating and defecating and roosting on tree limbs. Her other hobbies include eating slugs that our spectacular neighbor Bearenhardt feeds her and her hen mates as well as the occasional ride on Aunt Penelope's back. Lets give it up for Molly Ringwald! (round of applause)

Meet Jasper. Jasper is 9 months old and Joshua's
best bud. Jasper is a sweet tempered, smaller black australorp. She lays medium sized brown eggs and hasn't been broody yet. She enjoys roosting in trees and is extremely polite. She never rushes the food carrier and always waits her turn for breakfast.

And this luscious creature is Big Butt, our resident buff orpington. She's delightfully cuddly and lays striking brown eggs. In addition to strutting along the boardwalk, Bigg Butt also loves to scratch for worms and slugs.

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