Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reused Homemade Countertop

Since our kitchen was just a huge open space, with very little counter space, my good friend Sasa purchased me these awesome shelves from Costco for my birthday. The cool thing is that the shelves can be dismantled to create two shelving units. We decided to use them as an island in the kitchen.

Given that these are shelving units, and not meant for kitchen island usage, there's no counter top on them. Never fear, Aaron is here! Sasa's partner Aaron cut me two beautiful plywood slabs for usage as a counter top. Sasa and Aaron then gave me some half used grout (I love to reuse you know!) and some of their leftover tile from a longstanding bathroom project.
Oh yes, and they also passed along some tile glue. And voila! Here's my kitchen counter top. Although I loved the tile very much, it reminds me of petrified wood, I love rocks and agates and arrowheads and such just as much. So I glued and cajoled these rocks slices and clumps and pieces down before the grout process. I then decided I needed a built-in incense burner, because I burn just that much incense, and a pretty stained glass centerpiece. I also put in a beautiful Mother Goddess bead and some crystal pieces. I just love my new counter top and the fact that there's nothing else like it on earth! Hope you enjoy too!

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  1. Hey its a good photo. It good experiment for yourself.